(A non-profit organization)

The purpose of Thai Boxing, Inc. is to perpetuate and preserve the fine
ancient tradition of Thai Boxing as a martial art and to help make a
positive impact in the lives of the less fortunate.  Hopefully through
the time honored sport of Muay Thai, which is rich in tradition and
culture, the lives of several less fortunate and at risk youths can be
successfully altered.

Goals and Objectives

The goals and objectives of Thai Boxing, Inc. are to inform and educate
America about this noble art of self-defense, and to promote and help
better the lives of less fortunate and at risk youths through the
traditional art of Muay Thai.  By promoting the fundamental concepts of
Muay Thai, which instills self-discipline, self-confidence, respect, and
patience in its students, we hope to make a difference in the

*  Promote awareness of Muay Thai
*  Encourage greater participation in the sport
*  Promote amateur Muay Thai competitions
*  Host training seminars
*  Coordinate the donation of gym memberships to the
*  Educate the public regarding the benefits of Muay
*  Assist the less-fortunate by aiding  their
participation in Muay Thai competitions

Thai Boxing, Inc. will promote amateur Muay Thai
Kickboxing competitions sanction by IKF (International
Kickboxing Federation) every six to seven weeks,
which competitors will pay $50 in member contribution
fees (this fee is for getting an amateur athletic license,
insurance, etc.) in order to compete, and admission for
the event is $30 for adult and $20 for child 9 years old
and under
(all admission proceeds will be considered
contribution funds in support of Thai Boxing, Inc. and
its ongoing mission)
.  Competitors who pay the $50
annual contribution fee will automatically become a
member of Thai Boxing, Inc. and will receive full
member benefits, such as a twice yearly seminar taught
by Muay Thai Trainers from Thailand.  Also, every year
one or more of the best winning competitor will receive
an all-expense paid trip to Thailand in order to study
with a Muay Thai master free of charge.  For Muay Thai
enthusiasts who are interested in helping the cause but
do not wish to compete, an associate member
contribution fee in the amount of $30 will entitle them to
attend the seminars free of charge.
Thai Boxing, Inc. is a non-profit organization formed to promote
awareness of Muay Thai and to encourage its growth in America.

We raise money by promoting Muay Thai competitions to benefit Muay
Thai participants and the Muay Thai community.
Muay Thai is an ancient Thai martial art, it's not just any martial art; it is
also an ancient form of self-defense, a sport, a science, and a tradition.  It is
the most effective proven method of using all parts of your body, such as
hands, elbows, knees, and feet to be your defending weapons.  Over the
years it has enriched our physical and moral well-being.

Physical Benefits:

*   Self-defense
*   Exercise
*   Physical fitness
*   Weight control
*   Strength development
*   Muscle toning
*   Maintain a well-proportioned body


*   Stamina
*   Body coordination
*   Speed
*   Balance
*   Endurance
*   Grace
*   Flexibility
*   Quick reflexes

Mental Benefits:

*   Reduce stress


*   Discipline
*   Self-confidence
*   Self-control
*   Self-awareness
*   Determination
*   Patience
*   Concentration
*   Assertiveness
*   Wisdom

The goal of Muay Thai training is the    
development of the whole self.
Anybody who wants to help promote, invest, or
give donation to Muay Thai, please contact me
at 626-428-2973 or e-mail me at
7405 Bellaire Ave., North Hollywood, CA 91605
818-982-2790 / E-mail: